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I'm so happy I could bite a grape.

Well, I shall say no more. Just...tinkerty tonk.

She who adores SFAHL
4 June
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My current obsession is all things Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry, particularly Jeeves & Wooster. Since my bio isn't all that interesting, I'd rather share some of my favorite quotes from the series. No doubt I will add to this list over time. Who knows? By the time I'm done I may have the scripts for all 4 series posted here!

Jeeves: For I may hope, may I not, sir, that you will allow me to remain permanently in your service?
Bertie: You may, indeed, Jeeves. It often beats me, though, why with your superlative gifts you should want to.
Jeeves: There is a tie that binds, sir.
Bertie: A what that what?
Jeeves: A tie that binds, sir.
Bertie: Then heaven bless it, and may it continue to bind indefinitely. Fate's happenstance may oft win more than toil, as the fellow said.
Jeeves: What fellow would that be, sir? Thoreau?
Bertie: No, me.
Jeeves: Sir?
Bertie: A little thing of my own. I don't know what it means, but you can take it as coming straight from the heart.
Jeeves: Very good, sir.

Bertie: Oh, Jeeves, I hope I'm not interrupting you when were curled up with your Spinoza's Ethics or whatever it is, but I wonder if you could spare me a moment of your valuable time?
Jeeves: Certainly, sir.
Bertie: A problem has arisen in the life of a friend of mine who shall be nameless, and I want your advice. I must begin by saying that it's one of those delicate problems where not only my friend must be nameless but all the other members of the personnel. In other words, I can't mention names. You see what I mean?
Jeeves: I understand you perfectly, sir. You would prefer to term the protagonists A and B.
Bertie: Or North and South?
Jeeves: A and B is more customary, sir.
Bertie: Just as you say. Well, A is male, B female. You follow me so far?
Jeeves: You have been lucidity itself, sir.
Bertie: And owing to...what's that something of circumstances you hear people talking about? Cats enter into it, if I remember rightly.
Jeeves: Would concatenation be the word for which you are groping?
Bertie: That's it. Owing to a concatenation of circumstances B has got it into her nut that A's in love with her. But he isn't. Still following?
Jeeves: Yes, sir.
Bertie: Now until quite recently B was engaged to---
Jeeves: Shall we call him C, sir?
Bertie: Caesar's as good a name as any, I suppose...

Bertie: You can't go around London asking people to pretend to be Gussie Fink-Nottle. Well, yes you can, I suppose, but what a hell of a life.

Bertie: When a girl thinks you're in love with her and comes to you and says she's returning her betrothed to store and is prepared to sign up with you instead, what can you do except marry her? One has to be civil.

Bertie: For your information, Catsmeat, Jeeves takes a size 14 hat, eats tons of fish, and moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.

Jeeves: Good morning, Mr. Wooster.
Bertie: What? What's the time?
Jeeves: 10 past 9, sir.
Bertie: 10 past 9? Is the building on fire?
Jeeves: Not that I've been informed, sir, no. Mr. Fink-Nottle is here to see you, sir.
Bertie: Jeeves, I'm not awake. I've not had my tea. And yet you bring me Fink-Nottles. Is this the time for Fink or any other kind of Nottle?

Bertie: Jeeves, I'm sure that nothing is further from your mind, but you know you have a way of saying "Indeed, sir" which gives the impression that it's only a feudal sense of what is fitting which prevents you from substituting the words "Says you."
Jeeves: I'm distressed to hear it, sir.
Bertie: Well, so you should be, Jeeves. Correct it.
Jeeves: Very good, sir.
Bertie: You'll be glad to hear that I have taken steps in the matter of Tuppy and Angela...
Jeeves: Indeed, sir.
Bertie (peevishly, stretching the word out and voice rising at the end): Jeeves.
Jeeves: Sorry, sir.

Bertie: Tut!
Aunt Dahlia: What did you say?
Bertie: I said "Tut"!
Aunt Dahlia: Say it again and I'll biff you where you stand. I have enough to endure without being tutted at.
Bertie: Well, quite.
Aunt Dahlia: Any tutting that's required I'll attend to myself.

Barmy: I don't think I've ever been to Kensington.
Bertie: Oh, hello, Barmy. Yes you have, your mother lives there.
Barmy: Oh, *that* Kensington!

I saw this on someone else's journal and thought it looked like fun.
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