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I've Been Tagged!

My wonderful f-listers zekkass and cosmicwaffles tagged me for this fun little meme! Thanks, darlings!

Post 6 very random facts about yourself and then tag 6 people on your friend list to do the same.

Hmmm... I'll tag derien, elenar, emeraldreeve, jadedgothchild, clairefry, and kalimyre. Come on, spill your guts! Hee!

1. I have a huge freckle on the side of my left foot.
2. Purple is one of my favorite colors.
3. I want to learn to play the mandolin.
4. I dream of moving to somewhere wonderful like San Francisco or San Diego.
5. My mother made herself, my four sisters, and me matching outfits every Christmas and Easter. *eye roll*
6. One of my favorite songs is "Moondance" by Van Morrison.

Paris Calling

Happy Birfday, Skyblue_Reverie!

Pairing: Tony/Control
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1650
Summary: Control is away, and Tony misses him.
Disclaimer: Fry & Laurie win the universe; I am not worthy.
Author's Note: Fits in my Tony/Control universe after my Controlled Love series.

Happy Birthday! Written for my darling ever-so-corking beta queen skyblue_reverie who has seen my fics through thick and thin. This is unbeta'ed, darling, so do your worst (and consider it the other part of your prezzie!). Hee! and MWAH!

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More Pimpage

Wow... two pimp posts in a row. :)

Wanna do some voting? Check out classic_abc, an icon contest community for classic films (made before 1975). Every week there is a different challenge; right now they are based on the alphabet.

This week's challenge is F. Yeah, I have a few entries, but I'm not gonna tell ya which ones; just vote for the ones you like best! :) http://community.livejournal.com/classic_abc/11435.html

Go on... you know you wanna!

*waves to the comm's lovely and talented mod, silsbee329* Hi, hon!

ETA at the suggestion of our lovely and talented mod: Ya gotta join the comm to vote. Which is awesome, cause then you can get notices of new challenges to enter or vote on! *whispers* Thanks for the reminder, lovely mod! :)
MsLiz Lilac

Kink Challenge Pimpage!

Hello, dear friends! It's time for the third annual Kink/Cliche Multi-Fandom Challenge. This is a chance for all you kinky minkys out there to write about your favorite fandom as hawt and kinkeh as you like!

The idea is that you pick 4 kinks that you'd like to write and submit them along with your fandom of choice to the mod. The mod then picks ONE of your four choices, and then you go merrily on your way and write your little heart out!

Sounds like lots of fun... My chosen fandom is Jeeves/Wooster; my prompt is "caught masturbating." I'm gonna have a really good time!

Anybody wanna join me and add more kinky fic to the Fry/Laurie universe? :) Third Annual Kink/Cliche Multi-Fandom Challenge
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Two Boffle Ficlets: Friedie/Eric, PG13

Pairing: Boffle: Friedrich von Stoltz/Eric Donaldson
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 800
Summary: My take on the Major Donaldson sketch from Boffle.
Disclaimer: Fry & Laurie win the universe; I am not worthy.
Author's Note: These are a couple of ficlets from a meme I posted yesterday. Two people requested Friedrich/Eric, and what I wrote wound up being companion pieces. envisigon's prompts were Berlin, Escape, kiss; zekkass's prompts were three, Germany, kiss.
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Hiatus Challenge Post 3

A few more entries for the House hiatus challenge.

Title (Episode): Birthday (The Socratic Method, 1x06)
Pairing, Rating, Word Count: House/Wilson, PG, 150 Collapse )

Title (Episode): Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering? (Fidelity, 1x07)
Pairing, Rating, Word Count: House/Wilson, PG, 350 Collapse )

Title (Episode): Favorite (Poison, 1x08)
Pairing/Rating/Word Count: none, G, 200 Collapse )

Title (Episode): How Many? (DNR, 1x09)
Pairing, Rating, Word Count: none, PG, 200 Collapse )

Title (Episode): Keinahora (Histories, 1x10)
Pairing, Rating, Word Count: none, PG, 200 Collapse )