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Before there were Drs. House and Wilson...

...there were Drs. Craig and Westphall on St. Elsewhere!

With David Morse on House, I've been especially eager to get the season 1 DVD that came out recently. One thing that occurred to me recently is that the St. E docs were in a lot of ways the precursors for our medical duo today. Craig and Westphall weren't slashy (at least not to me), but Craig was the misanthropic bastard brilliant doctor and Westphall was the kindly doc who was Craig's only friend.

Anyone else remember this show fondly? Or at all? :)

Doesn't David Morse look so young and cute? Lookit those curls, for pete's sake! {g} And Howie Mandel has a head of hair goin' on him, too!

This is also the show that gave us Tommy Westphall, the mind behind Tommy Westphall's universe. (The entire concept is THE spoiler for the end of the series.) And, I guess not too amazingly, there is an LJ comm: tommywestphall! Ah LJ, is there nothing you cannot comm?