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Holiday Spirit?

This is going to be an odd holiday season for me due to some unhappy anniversaries. When I saw this suggestion in cicerothewriter's journal, I thought it sounded like a great way get beyond some of that. With Cicero's permission, I am shamelessly stealing. {g}

In an attempt to get into the spirit of goodwill, if not exactly the spirit of Christmas, I'd like to send out holiday cards this year.

If you want a winter/holiday card from me, then comment with the following information: name, address, any pet peeve/card no-no's. This is the first time I've tried screening comments; I think I have it right!

I'll send a card to anyone anywhere, so my overseas friends are welcome to drop off their addresses. If you would rather send me your addy via email, my email address is msliz4857 at yahoo dot com.

And the icon is for all my dear f-listers...you are all wonderful! :)