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Some Milestones

I realized back in January that I'm not getting any younger, lighter, or fitter. I can't change the first one, but I had control over the others. On January 21, I started my new life of eating healthfully and exercising regularly. These are a few milestones I've achieved.

1. I turned 51 yesterday. It was mostly a non-event.
2. As of today, I have lost 50 pounds since Jan 21. That represents just over 18% of my original body weight.
3. At the gym today, I wrapped a bath towel around myself, and it went around me with just a small gap at the bottom 3 or so inches. I actually cried with happiness. Silly, I know.
4. I'm comfortably in a size 18W. That's down from 24W, which was a tight fit in January.
5. In 3 weeks, I've increased the amount of weight on my strength training exercises by 10 pounds. My trainer said that's a great achievement.
6. Last summer when I flew to Italy, I struggled to get the seat belt closed, and it was tight the entire flight. Last week when I flew to California, closing the belt was a breeze, and I pulled about 3 inches of "tail" to tighten it.
7. My bicep muscles actually pop when I flex my upper arm.
8. I am awesome. :)
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