She who adores SFAHL (msliz4857) wrote,
She who adores SFAHL

Wow... it sure has been a while!

*squishes f-list*

Hello, my dears! I know it's been a very long time since I've been around, and I have definitely missed you.

I found that I needed to distance myself from LJ for a while because it had become a bigger part of my life than was good. So while I've been gone, I've made friends with real life... can you believe it? And for the most part, it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd feared. Hee!

So what's been going on? Well, in brief...

Work continues as usual. I got a new job last summer (same company, different department), and I still have a lot of training to do to really feel like I'm a productive member of the team. The good thing is that I've learned a lot so far, and I'm still collecting my bi-weekly paycheck! heh.

In January I turned over a new leaf re: eating and exercise. To date, I've lost 49 pounds! Yay! I still have a way to go, but I'm thrilled with my progress so far. I feel so much better, both physically and emotionally, and I've recently started buying some new clothes to go with my new body.

Kids are doing well... both now graduated from high school and working; the younger one is also attending community college.

This week I'm on vacation, and I'm thrilled to be spending the time in California with the darling and ever-lovely skyblue_reverie. We've had a corking good time so far, and I still have another day or so before it's time to go home. I'll post a full report when vacation's over.

Yesterday we spent the day with rivers_bend, which was super fun. We saw butterflies and Iron Man and two Supernatural episodes and hung out and gabbed and ate dim sum and pizza (not at the same time... ewwww!) and had the best time evar!

Enough about me for now. How about you... what have you been up to? What's new and fascinating in your lives? Tell me all the news!

*big hugs and smooches*

I iz soooo happy to be here!!! :D *squees and twirls*
Tags: diary
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