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Back after a month-long hiatus

Hello, to all my dear f-list friends!

As you may or may not have noticed, I've not been around for the past month or so. Real life took over, and I've been seeing to a variety of things offline: a visit from skyblue_reverie, transition to a new job at work, time with my family, and some in-depth overdue housecleaning and clearing out.

If I owe you email or anything else, please accept my apologies for my absence. I'll be catching up on everything over the next few days, including emails, comments, belated thanks for all my lovely birthday gifts, a trip report from Sky's visit, a general "what's been going on with me" post, and so on.

Hope you've all been well and staying cool if you live in areas affected by some of the recent heat waves. Looks like we're in for another one this week, so take it easy!

It's good to be back... I've missed you all! :D
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