She who adores SFAHL (msliz4857) wrote,
She who adores SFAHL

Yes, I Am Shamelessly Begging for Prezzies

Hello, all my dear f-listers! It seems that my birthday is next Monday, and so here I am shamelessly suggesting that I'd love to get some prezzies! In particular, I'd love Fry/Laurie RPS or any of their characterizations; my faves are Jeeves/Wooster, Tony/Control, and George/Melchet, but I'll enjoy *anything* you'd choose to create for me! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention - slash, please, and I'm of the opinion that there is no such thing as "too pr0ny." :D Original fiction and/or femmeslash are most welcome as well (I think you know which of you in particular I'm speaking to there! )

I'll share that this is a milestone birthday for me... a *big* milestone. Post here with your guess; you get extra points if you guess correctly! :D

And since it's been a few months since I saw this going around and it was fun the last time I played (hi skyblue_reverie! -- from whom I shamelessly ganked this!), I figured I'd add it here: Fuck, Marry, Kill. You get three people and you have to decide what you're going to do with each of them and why. The fuck is a one-night stand; the marriage is sexless; and the kill is, um, kinda obvious, no? I'll start... Stephen Fry, Control, Jeeves. Have fun!
Tags: meme, personal

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