She who adores SFAHL (msliz4857) wrote,
She who adores SFAHL

Ficcy: Random Encounter

Title: Random Encounter
Fandom: Boffle
Pairing: Marjorie/Jack
Rating: PG
Word Count: 260
Notes: zekkass challenged me to write a little something Boffle related and said I could use my judgement on who to write about. I hope this meets the challenge! :)

I still owe you some Jack icons, my dear. I should have them done soon!

Random Encounter

Marjorie had been distractedly reading the latest edition of Forbes when she bumped into the tall dark man standing on the corner of the street.

"Excuse me; I do believe that you're in my way." She didn't even look up from her magazine.

"It would be better if you were to watch where you're going." Jack's voice was cold and haughty.

Then, simultaneously they turned their heads toward each other. Their eyes locked, and each of their expressions took on a soft though hungry tone.

Marjorie was impressed by the look of the man and smiled, showing her white teeth. "Please forgive me. I must not have been paying attention."

"Not at all, my dear woman," Jack replied, casting an appraising glance up and down her figure.

She felt a small shudder run down her spine. Yes, she thought to herself, this is a man who could be useful to me. She held out her hand. "My name is Marjorie. May I buy you a drink to make up for your inconvenience?"

Jack took her hand, turned it over, and lightly kissed her palm. "I'm afraid I couldn't allow such a thing, my dear. However, I would be honoured to buy you a drink."

Marjorie smiled appreciatively. "I'd be delighted. But you've not yet told me your name."

Jack offered his arm. "You may call me Jack. Tell me, my dear, do you believe in the Cause?"

Marjorie considered for a moment. "I'm not sure I'm familiar with that group. But what would you think of investing in Derwent Enterprises?"
Tags: boffle, myfic

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