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Two Boffle Ficlets: Friedie/Eric, PG13

Pairing: Boffle: Friedrich von Stoltz/Eric Donaldson
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 800
Summary: My take on the Major Donaldson sketch from Boffle.
Disclaimer: Fry & Laurie win the universe; I am not worthy.
Author's Note: These are a couple of ficlets from a meme I posted yesterday. Two people requested Friedrich/Eric, and what I wrote wound up being companion pieces. envisigon's prompts were Berlin, Escape, kiss; zekkass's prompts were three, Germany, kiss.
Berlin, Escape, Kiss

The night sky over Berlin was randomly lit by exploding bombs, sending loud crashes through the air. Prisoner Donaldson barely noticed; he was conscious of very little around him after being interrogated for hour after sleepless hour. None of his tormentors' techniques had broken him; his secrets were still his own.

He was beyond exhaustion; nothing his guards did could keep him awake and coherent long enough to make it worthwhile for them to continue their questioning. Just before he slipped into unconsciousness for the final time, he heard one of them say, "Wir erhalten nirgendwo. Wir müssen ihn dem Oberleutnant nehmen." He understood "oberleutnant" and vaguely wondered what new tortures awaited him. Thankfully, then he slept.

He dreamed of escaping into the night, away from Berlin, away from the war, away from reality. Thankfully, he wasn’t alone; his companion was a German officer who had the silliest, sweetest nose; the biggest, bluest eyes; and the cutest little bum ever. It had been love at first sight, out of the blue, and Donaldson had been completely overwhelmed. He'd begged for a kiss, and when Friedrich had finally relented, it had been the most sublime experience of his life. He never wanted to be parted from his Friediekins.

Too soon, the dream ended. Donaldson stirred, keeping his head down, hiding his opening eyes as he tried to get his bearings. He was bound at the wrists, seated in a rather uncomfortable chair in what seemed to be a large office. He heard a voice in heavily accented English apologize for his colleagues and inquire about his interest in Matisse.

Then Donaldson heard the questions, asking about his mission, planned invasions, and other information his previous interrogators had unsuccessfully tried to extract. In a monotone, he spat out, "Donaldson, Eric, Major. Serial number 46589320."

Then he raised his head and found himself looking into the biggest, bluest eyes he'd ever seen. It was love at first sight, and Eric knew then that everything would be all right.
Germany, Three, Kiss

"Now, honey, don't you think that deserves a kiss?" Eric's voice was pleading. He sensed a stiffening inside his trousers from the desire he felt for this gorgeous creature before him; the feel of the ropes on his wrists only added to his arousal. He knew how inappropriate it all was, but his body was responding completely involuntarily to the sights and sensations around him and the emotion he felt in his heart.

Von Stoltz considered carefully. He felt quite magnanimous toward this prisoner. Donaldson had withstood hours of questioning by three of Germany's most accomplished interrogators, yet in less than 10 brief minutes in his own presence had given up vital information about the upcoming Allied invasion. If his captive was that kind of man, von Stoltz might be able to use it to his advantage to learn more.

"Well, maybe just a little one."

The look on Eric's face was pure joy as his Friediekins leaned down, close enough for their lips to lightly brush together. A surge of electricity raced through his body, and he pressed himself against his adored one's mouth harder, running his tongue over the soft moist lips.

Von Stoltz startled. He'd never expected to feel his mouth being traced like this, to feel an insistent tongue force his lips to part and then push inside. He'd never expected to feel his own tongue sliding over the intruder, prodding and sliding and exploring. He'd never expected to suddenly feel that the most important thing in his life was to kiss this man, deeply, passionately, wantonly, for hours on end.

Eric felt Friedie's hands cup his face, drawing him even closer. Eric moaned; this was pure bliss, and he loved feeling totally in his partner's control. He strained his wrists against the ropes, not trying to break free but reveling in the feel of his restraints.

Finally, he had to break the kiss to allow his lungs to refill with oxygen. His chest heaved with his panting, gulping to take in air. He saw that Friedie was doing the same and that his lips looked deliciously red and swollen.

"I love you, you gorgeous darling. You know that, don't you, Friediekins? I don't care that we've just met, I don't care about our different backgrounds, I don't care about anything beside the fact that I love you!"

Friedrich's head was spinning. He'd never felt this way about anyone. He didn't believed in love at first sight; technically, he supposed, this was love at first kiss. But he knew what he felt for Eric was real, deep, and true. He whispered, "Mein Liebling, ich liebe dich." Reaching for the buttons on Eric's jacket, he knew that his life would never be the same. His only loyalty now was to his new love.



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Mar. 31st, 2007 01:58 am (UTC)
Love. Love, love love. Love.


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Yay for total love!

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Thank you! :)
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So cute! :)
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YAY Major Donaldson slash! Loved it muchly:-)
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Aw, thankees! There is not enough Donaldson slash in the world! :D
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