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The House Project of Doom

I blame both moony and cityclocks for this. Moony suggested this madness, and Cityclocks has already jumped into the fray. Time will tell if I manage to take this anywhere or lose interest after the first couple of days.

The House Project of Doom: A Hiatus ChallengeTMcityclocks
The information in parentheses represent the word count and rating for each story.
Season One
1x01: Pilot The Philosopher House (150, PG)
1x02: Paternity Persistence (200, PG)
1x03: Occam's Razor Occam's Razor (300, PG13)
1x04: Maternity A Moment of Gratitude (150, PG)
1x05: Damned If You Do Silent Night (150, G)
1x06: The Socratic Method Birthday (150, PG)
1x07: Fidelity Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering? (350, PG)
1x08: Poison Favorite (200, G)
1x09: DNR How Many? (200, PG)
1x10: Histories Keinahora (200, PG)
1x11: Detox
1x12: Sports Medicine
1x13: Cursed
1x14: Control
1x15: Mob Rules
1x16: Heavy
1x17: Role Model
1x18: Babies & Bathwater
1x19: Kids
1x20: Love Hurts
1x21: Three Stories
1x22: Honeymoon

Season Two
2x01: Acceptance
2x02: Autopsy
2x03: Humpty Dumpty
2x04: TB or Not TB
2x05: Daddy's Boy
2x06: Spin
2x07: Hunting
2x08: The Mistake
2x09: Deception
2x10: Failure to Communicate
2x11: Need To Know
2x12: Distractions
2x13: Skin Deep
2x14: Sex Kills
2x15: Clueless
2x16: Safe
2x17: All In
2x18: Sleeping Dogs Lie
2x19: House vs God
2x20: Euphoria, Part 1
2x21: Euphoria, Part 2
2x22: Forever
2x23: Who's Your Daddy
2x24: No Reason

Season Three
3x01: Meaning
3x02: Cane & Able
3x03: Informed Consent
3x04: Lines in the Sand
3x05: Fools for Love
3x06: Que Sera Sera
3x07: Son of a Coma Guy
3x08: Whack-a-Mole
3x09: Finding Judas
3x10: Merry Little Christmas
3x11: Words and Deeds
3x12: One Day, One Room
3x13: Needle in a Haystack
3x14: Insensitive
3x15: Half-Wit