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Christmas Musings

Happy Day After Christmas/Boxing Day to all my dear f-listers! I hope you all have enjoyed your Christmas holiday. For those that don't celebrate the occasion, I hope your past days were enjoyable, too! XD

I'm here to tell you that a Wodehouse/Fry & Laurie Christmas is awesome! I got:
1. Season 3 of Boffle
2. Season 1 of QI
3. Enter Jeeves, a compliation of the first 8 Jeeves stories plus the Reggie Pepper stories
4. Bertie Wooster Sees It Through, in which Bertie, among other things sat in his bathtub "soaping a meditative foot."
5. A hardcover, signed first edition of The Ode Less Travelled! It is an IOU; my son said it should be here by the end of this week. Woo!
6. The Stephen clock. Actually, I'd bought this for myself a few weeks earlier, but I count it as a Christmas gift to myself

Christmas Holiday Musings
1. Sometimes the best gift you can give a teenager is sleep. I let my kids sleep as late as they wanted on Christmas. Wake times? Me: 8 AM (after going to bed at 3 thanks to yuletide and a new fic I'm writing); Son 1: 1:45 PM; Son 2: 2:40 PM.
2. Sometimes the best gift you can give yourself is to let your teenagers sleep. Before they got up, I spent my Christmas Day reading more yuletide stories and making progress on my new fic. Also, I puttered in the kitchen off and on getting the turkey cooked, pie baked, potatoes boiled, and all that yummy dinner stuff accomplished.
3. Sometimes you're forced into creating new traditions. The trick is to hold onto the old ones hard enough to keep the memories but let go enough to move forward.
4. I missed my mom's dressing.
5. When a big monster-size plot bunny plants himself at your side, there's nothing you can do but start typing and go along for the ride. Yay!
6. house_mst is a hilarous place to while away the hours. I think I've taken for granted the quality of the writing we have in the J/W fandom; I had no idea there was so much crappy fanfic out there. I look forward to writing my first MST soon! ;)
7. Having off from work the day after Christmas is awesome. We usually get off the Eve and day; this year we got the day and the day after. I think in future I will plan to save a vacation day to use on the 26th. Now, if only I didn't have to go back the rest of this week!

Drop me a line and let me know how your holiday was! :)



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Dec. 27th, 2006 04:07 am (UTC)
Oh, that sounds delightful! Merry Christmas!

And you asked for a line, so I'll say that I had an absolutely smashing Christmas, complete with out-of-state relatives visiting, and the joy of giving a gift that I had to work on. :D
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